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3 Popular Types of Hair Extensions

Posted December 14, 2016 at 6:35 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Are hair extensions right for you?

Good news hair extensions work on almost everyone! Your hair needs to be at least 3-4 inches extensions oriented towards thickening, and 4-5 for length. One of the biggest questions we get is if they hurt. While your head might be tender for a few days, application and daily wear of your extensions should NOT be painful.

4 Reasons They Wouldn’t Work

  • Current hair condition
  • Hair loss
  • Hair damage
  • The last one is a BIG one- you aren’t willing to maintain your extensions

Your 1st Step to Your New Hair Extensions

 Consultation. Yes, sometimes you can go straight to a salon, and get a haircut. Extensions don’t work that way! Your stylist will need to assess your hair for the perfect type of extension for you. After your consult, your stylist will then order the specific type of extensions that meet all your needs.


Tape- In

tape in extensions

Want to gain some inches? This is the best method for all hair types and people wishing to elongate their hair. Tape-in extensions use an adhesive that doesn’t require tools or heat to apply. They lie flawlessly with your hair and last up to 10 weeks.


fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions have an adhesive bond and can be applied with heat fusion (hot tools). Heat is used to bond the extension to your hair. They can last for up to 16 weeks, once placed they are attached to the hair so as your hair grows the extension will too.



The micro-bead extensions are attached to your hair using a color-matched metal piece (bead) and are reusable after they are removed. They are adjustable and can be moved closer to the scalp after application, or put back on if the strand falls out. These can last up to 24 weeks with proper care.

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