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10 Ways to Relax {Back to School Edition}

Posted August 29, 2014 at 12:05 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Relax While the Kids Go Back to School

If you’re a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, then we bet you’re starting to breathe a little easier now that back-to-school time is here. Summer is all about the kids and getting your kids ready for the first day of school is an extra dose of stress. You’ve worked hard to get them prepared for that first day and we think you should reward yourself with a little R&R. Here are 10 ways to relax now that the kids are back to school.

1. Make a lunch date.

Get together with your favorite girlfriends and enjoy each other’s company. The only rule is no talking about the kids!

2. Sit in the back yard with your favorite adult beverage in the middle of the day, just because you can.

Whether it’s a crisp glass of white wine or your favorite fall beer, one little adult beverage in the middle of the day never hurt anyone.

3. Take a mid-afternoon nap.

Even if you have to get up a bit early to get things done, there’s something so refreshing about taking a nap in the middle of the day.

4. Work or read from a cool coffee shop.

While the kids are at school, you’re no longer tied to them or the house. Pick your favorite spot or a hip new place across town and enjoy a latte while you work or do some reading for pleasure.

5. Enjoy a treat you would typically have to share with your kids. Cupcake, anyone?

Sure, we teach them that they should share, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

6. Go see a non-G-rated movie in the middle of the day.

The movie of your choice and you don’t have to share your popcorn? Sounds like a win-win to us!

7. Take a short class to learn something, while you’re kids are learning.

Learning keeps you young! Is there a skill that you always wished you had? Now’s the time to sign up! Whether it’s an intensive French language program or a one-time photography class, you’ll never regret spending this time on yourself.

8. Exercise on your own time.

If you’re committed to exercise, you are probably used to scheduling it around the kids. But remember when you just threw on running shoes at any ol’ time just because you wanted to go for a run (or insert exercise of choice here)?  Take advantage of the opportunity, if you can, while the kids are away.

9. Take a long hot relaxing bubble bath with no fear of the kids charging in. 

Bubble baths are only relaxing if you can take one uninterrupted, which every mom knows it’s virtually impossible while the kids are home. So light some candles, put on some soothing music, and indulge yourself in an hour of “me” time.

10. Schedule an hour or a day of relaxation at Re!

Just in time for back to school time, Re is offering some fabulous discounts to celebrate the mothers who have given so much of themselves this summer, September 1-6.

Mimosa’s and snacks served Tuesday and Wednesday after 10:00 am

10% OFF all spa services-massage manicure, pedicure, facial,
Shampoo Style for $35
Make up application $50

Call 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment now!

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On Trend: Fall 2014 Nail Colors

Posted August 22, 2014 at 10:58 am By Re Salon & Med Spa

We loved Summer just long enough to dip our toes in the ocean and enjoy a cookout or two, but now we’re so over it and are wondering, when will fall get here? Long sweaters, leggings, and tall boots are calling our names. But unfortunately Charlotte’s weather won’t be accommodating our wardrobe preferences for quite some time.

But there is one easy way we can wear the fall 2014 trends without breaking a sweat. We can start wearing the latest trends on our nails! Here’s what you have to look forward to when it comes to Fall 2014 nail colors.

Fall 2014 Nails

Nude (source)
Neutral (source)
Black Cherry (source)
Gun Metal (source)
Metallic (source)
Artsy (sources: 1/2/3)

Love one of these looks?  Call us at 704-334-8087 to book an appointment with one of our talented nail specialists!


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5 Myths About Botox

Posted August 14, 2014 at 1:33 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Botox Myths

Curious about Botox? Think you know everything to know about it? Read this first!

There are a lot of myths about botox that are simply untrue. We’re here to put this myths to rest once and for all!

Myth #1: Botox injections really hurt. 

Fact: Botox is administered with an extremely fine needle to minimize any pain. Patients typically feel some discomfort which goes away quickly. No anesthesia is required. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised with how little discomfort they felt during the treatment.


Myth #2: After Botox injections, you won’t be able to move your face. 

Fact: Botox only relaxes the muscles at the injection site. If a person receives botox treatment from a skilled professional, they will have no trouble exhibiting the full range of facial expressions.  When you see photos of celebrities with “frozen” expressions, this is typically the result of a recent face lift or other plastic surgery procedure.

Myth #3: Botox injections are toxic. 

Fact: Botox has safely been used for over 20 years and has been approved by the FDA since 2002. No long term side effects have ever been observed in studies where people have received as many as 30 botox injection treatments within a nine-year time frame.


Myth #4: Botox is used to treat any and all facial lines and wrinkles. 

Fact: Botox is best utilized for “movement wrinkles” (i.e. wrinkled like frown lines that are caused when you make an expression and your face moves).  Other injectables like Dysport, Restylane, or Juvederm may be more appropriate for deeper set wrinkles.  Only a trained professional can tell you for sure what type of injection you need for your desired effect.


Myth #5: Botox is only for older women. 

Fact: Botox (or another injectable) is for anyone who sees and dislikes the signs of aging on their face. Many of our clients have experienced premature signs of aging due to sun overexposure or genetics. Botox is very effective in delaying the signs of aging for women of all ages.

If you don’t like what aging is doing to your face, give us a call at 704-334-8087 for a consultation. Botox and other injectables are an easy and fast way to regain your youthful appearance. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll see results! We can’t wait to help you love your subtle new youthful look!

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Our Favorite Colorful Hair Looks of 2014

Posted August 12, 2014 at 2:35 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

It takes an unabashedly confident woman (or man) to rock a hair color that doesn’t exist in nature. Maybe that’s why we love these hair colors so much. While everyone else seems to be asking for more natural looks, these celebrities made us second guess our latest balayage do. Could we get away with purple hair? Maybe. Maybe not.

But it sure is fun to dream about turning heads with one of these colorful hair looks of 2014.



Kelly Osbourne has had lavender hair for a couple of years now varying between an icy gray to this more vibrant look.  She makes it work with everything from a demure bob to this punk rock look above with a bad ass undercut. No one pulls it off better than her. No one.



This is probably one of the most subtle looks Katy Perry has shown off this year. And even though we love her jeweled tone hair and her dark raven locks, we’re really digging this ombre pink to strawberry blonde look.



Kylie Jenner is the least known of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. However, she turned heads this year when she showed off her new blue-green hair. She kept her usual jet black about 3-4 inches from the roots so that it looks like her hair was dipped in dark teal blue. Way to stand out, Kylie!



We love Demi Levato’s unapologetic attitude. And we think this colorful look suits her. Her hair is a rainbow of fuschia, ice blue, and lavender. Gorgeously different.



Nicole Richie is a fashion designer, the wife of a rock star, and the daughter of a music legend, so she’s used to turning heads.  However, her lilac hair color is extremely different than anything she has ever done before. And we like it! And we bet her kids like it too. What a cool mom.

selena gomez


We are going to ignore the fact that Selena Gomez has been tangled up with Justin Bieber for the past few years and instead focus on how sweet and innocent she looks with her colorfully striped locks. She’s like a modern day Rainbow Bright!

Whether you want a shockingly gorgeous new hair color or a few sweet subtle locks in an interesting shade, our professional and talented colorists can help you achieve the look you want. Call 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment!

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{Infographic} What’s Beautiful Now?

Posted August 8, 2014 at 1:40 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

One of our favorite sources for the hottest things in beauty, Allure Magazine, published a really cool infographic recently that we just to have to share! If anything this infographic shows that beauty norms are changing in the U.S. in favor of appreciation of many different faces.  And that is a very good thing! Check it out! We bet you’ll be surprised what’s beautiful now! Beauty Infographicvia Allure Magazine   What do you think is beautiful? 

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