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7 Reasons You Need A Facial

Posted October 17, 2014 at 2:26 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

7 Reasons You Need a Facial

If you can’t remember the last time you had a facial, here are seven reasons you need a facial right now!

1. The chance to have a professional evaluate your skin

Rarely is anyone’s skin perfect. And even those of you who were born with perfect skin have found a way to leave it not so perfect with sun exposure, dehydration, etc. A professional esthetician can evaluate your skin to determine how your skin can be even better.

2. Clean pores

No matter how good your at-home products are, nothing beats the professional grade products used to clean your skin during a facial. Your pores will never be cleaner than right after a facial.

3. Fix what’s ailing you. 

A facial is an opportunity to find out how to fix your skin. A good esthetician wants to give you more than just a relaxing experience and will take into account any skin problems you have when determining how to treat your skin.

4. The after-glow

It’s easy to spot our clients who just had a facial because they’re skin is absolutely glowing as they leave.

5. Release stress

Think of a facial as a massage for your face. It’s incredibly relaxing on top of being good for your skin. And you can’t beat the temple massage!

6. Avoid skin cancer

Changes in the skin that can lead to skin cancer are often subtle and difficult to notice when you see your face on a daily basis. A professional esthetician knows exactly what to look for and can tell you whether any spots on your skin indicate that you need to see a dermatologist.

7. You deserve it!

Only you can answer this one. I deserve a facial because _______________.

Start reaping the benefits of our talented and trained professionals. Call 704-334-8087 to schedule a facial with one of our estheticians!

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5 Signs You Need to Stop Dying Your Hair At Home

Posted October 10, 2014 at 2:33 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

5 Signs You Need To Stop Dying Your Hair At Home

We know it’s tempting. Saving money by picking up a fast and easy $15 box of hair dye. But you know what they say about what you eat — “you are what you eat so don’t be fast, cheap, or easy” — well the same thing can be said about your hair color. Fast and cheap hair dye usually results in fast and cheap result. Our colorists can spot a bottle dye job from a mile away, but maybe you need a little convincing.

Here are five signs you need to stop dying your hair at home.

1. Your color is brassy. 

Your perfect blonde look can only be achieved by the perfect balance of ash and blond. What that perfect balance is depends on your original hair color and the color you’re trying to achieve. So no, you cannot buy the same exact drug store hair dye your best friend uses and expect the same results.

2. Your color is too dark. 

DIY hair color is often too intense for a few days just after dying your hair. But who wants to wait for hair to tone down while the color mellows out or you just get used to your new “too dark” look?

3. Your color is patchy. 

This is often caused because you didn’t use enough hair dye. Those cheap bottles of hair dye may not be enough if you have exceptionally long or thick hair. After all, hair color is a science, and a one-size-fits all approach doesn’t work for everyone.

4. Your hair is an unnatural color (like green). 

Unless you did this on purpose using actual green hair dye, we’re guessing you’re not too happy with this look. Once your hair has been dyed, applying another dye on top of the hair is a gamble, especially when you dealing with drug store quality products. A common problem is when bottle blondes attempt to dye their hair brown. Sometimes the ash undertones become more prominent resulting in a green ashy look.  Make sure you have Re on speed dial if you attempt this.

5. Your hair is brittle and straw-like. 

This is a common problem for people who repeatedly lighten their hair using drug store products. These products are very harsh and depending on the original state of your hair, can really dry out your hair. Repeated use will definitely dry out your tresses.  You can try intensive conditioning treatments, but over time, your hair will be damaged and irreversible without losing a few inches or more.

If your hair is showing signs of stress from dying your hair at home, we can help! Our talented colorists are experts at helping you achieve that beautiful color you’ve always wanted and restoring your hair to its original luster. Call us at 704-334-8087 to fix a bad dye job or to stop it before it even happens!

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Are Celebrities Getting iLipo?

Posted October 9, 2014 at 4:46 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Your favorite celebrity is probably getting iLipo and here’s why. It’s painless, quick, and delivers similar results to actual liposuction. In a profession where their paycheck actually depends on how good they look, why wouldn’t they use iLipo? But you know how it is with celebrities. They want us to think they just wake up every day look gorgeous, well rested, svelte, and the epitome of health and beauty.

In reality, they’re not so different that us.

They want to look good and they’re only willing or able to put so much effort into how they look.  Diet and exercise only get you so far. And that’s when you have to decide if you want to have a “little help”. Going under the knife (i.e. liposuction) is costly, invasive, and let’s be honest, it hurts. iLipo is completely different. It can be done on your lunch break. It is more affordable than liposuction. And it produces similar results!

According to Nurse Jamie Sherrill, aesthetic nurse to the stars, her busiest season is right before the Oscars, when celebrities need to look good in a hurry.

Here are a few celebrities who are speculated to have used iLipo.



Nurse Sherrill would never tell exactly who is using what services, but claims that Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of her favorite clients.

jessica alba


Jessica Alba has also reportedly had a “little help” with keeping her svelte figure after baby by using iLipo.



Kirsten Dunst is another one of Nurse Sherrill’s favorite clients.

Don’t you wish you could have a “little help” yourself? Re is proud to offer iLipo, which you can learn more about here. Our talented Nurse Injector is happy to offer you a consultation to determine if iLipo is an appropriate procedure to help you reach your goals. Call us at 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment now.

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{Let’s Eat} 6 Healthy Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Posted October 3, 2014 at 4:18 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

The season of pumpkin-everything is upon us! What is it about that orange vegetable that makes people so excited? While there are plenty of tempting pumpkin treats from pumpkin spiced lattes to chocolate chip pumpkin cookies, we think pumpkin has been sold short. It has been pigeonholed as a sweet or baked good ingredient, but it’s SO much more versatile than that.

Pumpkin is fabulous as the star ingredient in savory dishes. Here are six healthy savory pumpkin recipes, you’re going to love!


Pumpkin Ravioli



Pumpkin Sage Baked Ziti



Carrot Ginger Pumpkin Soup



Steamed Pumpkin and Baby Bok Choy



Turkey Pumpkin Chili



Pumpkin Cornbread

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Get Rid of Unsightly Veins with Sclerotherapy at Re!

Posted October 1, 2014 at 2:24 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa


You’ve hid your legs long enough. Now’s the time to do something about them so you can be ready to bare your beautiful vein-free legs any time you want! Read on to find out about the most innovative technology in vein therapy and how it works!

What causes unsightly veins?

Pregnancy, prolonged standing, and heredity are the primary causes of unsightly and often painful varicose and spider veins. As we age, more visible leg veins frequently emerge and our existing veins become increasingly noticeable. Spider veins most commonly show up on the legs but can also appear on the face. There is a simple solution to this problem. A sclerosing solution—and a cosmetic procedure called Sclerotherapy!

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy was developed over 75 years ago and at present is one of the most prevalent treatments for spider and varicose veins. During the treatment, a sclerosing agent is injected into the vein through a tiny needle. Treatment can last from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the number of veins treated in a particular session. Upon injection, the solution replaces the blood in the vein, generating irritation and corrosion to the walls of the vessel. The body then initiates the natural healing process and the vein begins to decompose, shrink and eventually disappear.


What kind of results can I expect?

Gradual improvement will be noticed. Many patients experience 60% to 80% of the treated vessels resolved. During the consultation, you will be advised as to the number of treatments necessary to achieve desired results.

What are the side effects?

In most cases, you will be able to resume regular activities immediately. However, excessive standing or vigorous activities are not advised for 24 to 48 hours. Following treatment, the affected veins may darken and the area may appear bruised. Support hose or a snug wrapping to the treated area will be recommended for two weeks. This application of pressure will help reduce side effects and aid in more effective healing and treatment. After the treatment of larger vessels, the affected area may appear pigmented but this is temporary and will fade over time.
Is Sclerotherapy right for me?

The physician or his/her staff will determine if you are a candidate. During your consultation, a review of your medical history will ascertain the cause and severity of your condition. Depending on the types of veins, a combination of different treatment modalities may be suggested.
How many treatments will it take?

Several treatments may be required to achieve the optimum result. In some cases as few as 2 or 3 treatments will fulfill the desired outcome.
What happens during Sclerotherapy treatment?

The vessels in question will be examined and reviewed with you by the physician or medical technician. A treatment strategy will then be decided upon to eradicate these veins. You may be asked to stand while the problem veins are marked and photographed. The sclerosing agent will then be injected into the targeted veins. Discomfort is minimal and no anesthesia is required. You may be asked to wear support hose or a supportive wrap for a short period of time following treatment. This precautionary post-treatment measure will apply compression to the treated vessels to prevent recurrence.


Call 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment to find out if Sclerotherapy is right for you and get rid of spider and varicose veins for good!

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