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3 Ways to Treat Acne Scars

Posted March 25, 2015 at 1:53 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Acne Scar Treatment Charlotte

What’s worse than dealing with acne as a teenager? Dealing with acne scars for the rest of your life. The painful reminder of the past life of your troubled skin is something no adult wants to live with. And now you don’t have to! Beauty technology has come a long way in the past decade, and now we have several treatment options to help reduce or even completely remove your acne scars.

These three services at Re will improve the appearance of your skin so you feel more confident and beautiful.

BBL Pulsed Light Technology
Many of us have been battling acne by using the typical creams and ointments, but now there is an innovative technology that can leave your skin looking clearer and smoother in just a few short weeks. Acne is a condition that causes inflammation of the skin in the form of clogged pores, pimples, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads. Severe acne can lead to scarring. This new BBL Pulsed Light Technology can be used to improve the appearance of acne scars as well.

Jet Peel Facial
Excellent to buff away dead skin, reduce wrinkles, tone skin, reduce acne scarring and unwanted pigmentation, smooth fine lines, comedone eruptions, repair sun damage and much more.

VI Peel 
The VI Peel is an innovative procedure for treating hyper-pigmentation, changes in skin due to aging, acne, sun damage, and other discolorations and changes to the skin.

VI Peel® Purify is the most effective acne treatment available today! It contains our original peel formula plus additional powerful ingredients for superior, consistent results for you and your patients. Benzoyl Peroxide removes bacteria, clears the pores and increases cell turnover Salicylic Acid: causes the cells of the epidermis to shed, opening clogged pores and neutralizing the bacteria within while constricting the pore diameter to prevent further clogging Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant to remove toxins from the environment Kojic Acid: brightens skin and reduces acne scars (source)

Which one is right for you? Our talented estheticians can help you figure that out. They can also help you understand just what kind of improvements you can expect to see after your treatment and can also recommend a skincare regimen to further improve your skin. Call us at 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment now. Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough for the beautiful skin you deserve?


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Your Wedding Beauty Countdown

Posted March 25, 2015 at 8:49 am By Re Salon & Med Spa

WEdding Beauty Countdown

Of all the days of your life, your wedding day is the most important day to look your best. All eyes will be on you. The photos taken will be looked at countless times for years and years. No pressure!

To make sure you look your absolute best, we’ve created this countdown of how you should be tweaking your beauty routine to make sure you are flawless. From the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes, we have you beauty routine covered. You’re going to love the way you look on your big day!

9 months before

  • If you want to do laser hair removal, now is the time to start.

6 months before

  • Schedule a facial every 4-6 weeks – your esthetician should be able to taylor your facial to your skin’s needs
  • Find a brow specialist you love and start seeing him/her every 4-6 weeks
  • Start resting your hair by skipping shampooing and heat styling every 2-3 days (or as much as possible)

3 months before

  • If you’ve never had a spray tan and want one for your wedding, schedule your first this month.

2 months before

  • Schedule a weekly mani and pedi until your wedding day. Try a different nail color each week until you find the perfect shade.
  • If you want to try a new hair cut or color, now is the time to try it so you have time to change your mind.

1 month before

  • Have a trial run with your hair stylist to make sure they will get your hair perfect for your big day. Don’t forget your veil if you’re wearing one!
  • Have a trial run with your makeup artist and take photos both indoor and out to make sure the look is exactly how you dreamed it would be.
  • Have a professional teeth whitening (teeth can be sensitive up to two weeks after a professional whitening). Avoid anything that may stain your teeth until the big day (or use a straw!).

3 weeks Before

  • Get a hair trim.

2 Weeks Before

  • Try a spray tan and keep your tan looking great with a gradual at-home self tanner.
  • If you want straight sleek hair for your wedding day, now is the time to get a Keratin treatment.
  • Have your stylist touch up your hair color.

1 Week Before

  • Drink plenty of water to make sure you don’t retain water.
  • Get a bikini wax and have eyebrows waxed or shaped.
  • Have a final facial
  • Get a facial for your back to make sure your skin looks perfect in your gown.
  • Get your teeth whitened.

1 Day Before

  • If you’re wearing your hair up, wash your hair the day before your wedding day.
  • If you’re wearing your hair down, deep condition your hair.

Day of Wedding

  • Get your hair done.
  • Get a final mani and pedi; add a paraffin treatment to make sure hands are supple and soft.
  • Get your makeup done.

Re can help you look your best on your big day! We even have an all-inclusive wedding spa package that includes many of the services listed here for one-stop all-you-need wedding beauty. Call 704-334-8087 to discuss this package and how we can help you feel like the princess you are on your wedding day!

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5 Ways to Ring in Spring with Re

Posted March 21, 2015 at 1:04 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Spring Beauty Tios

1. New mani and pedi 

This is an easy one! Spring is all about bright colors and pastels. You have probably kept your mani up over the winter, but now it’s time to embrace new colors. Now is the time to baby your feet and get your toes ready to be shown off in peep toes and sandals.

2. Laser hair removal 

Did you know the perfect time to get laser hair removal is before you start showing some skin? You only have a little bit of time left to get the silky smooth skin you’ve always wanted with NO SHAVING, just in time for summer! Can you imagine going all summer long without buying a razor, nasty razor burn, painful cuts, or an five o’clock shadows (and we don’t mean on your face!)? Call us now to take care of unwanted hair all summer long.

3. Jet peel facial 

The winter months can leave skin looking dull and lifeless. Dry cold weather just isn’t good for our skin. To get some life back into your skin, schedule an appointment with one of our talented estheticians for the ultimate rejuvenating facial, the jet peel facial. This unique facial exfoliates, hydrates, and rejuvenates. Lean more here.

And if you’re short on time, schedule an express jet peel facial. Check out our entire express menu here!

4. Lighter hair color

A lot of people can’t fathom having lighter hair because they immediately think of “blonde”. Or they’re already blonde and don’t know if they should go lighter. Our talented colorists are amazing artists that can subtly change your hair color just enough to brighten your appearance. You don’t have to drastically change (unless that’s what you want, of course), but sometimes a few subtle highlights and maybe some well-placed lowlights can go a long way into making your look more modern, more beautiful, and more you!

5. iLipo

Want to look better in a bathing suit but don’t want to go under the knife? iLipo sounds like the perfect solution for. you.

Clinically proven-Independent clinical studies have shown i-Lipo to be, in some cases, comparable to results achieved by liposuction. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Light exercise post treatment can accelerate the removal of the released fat. (read more)

Don’t wait until spring has passed you by to get the beautiful hair, skin, nails, and body you’ve always wanted, just in time for spring! Call Re at 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment!

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New Menu of Services for Busy Moms

Posted March 19, 2015 at 2:02 pm By Re Salon & Med Spa

Mommies Need A Timeout Menu of Services

Remember the last time your put your kid in timeout and thought “I wish someone would put me in time out!” Mommy’s need a timeout too! That’s why we’ve created the “Mommies Need a Time Out” Menu of Services.

Escape to Re Salon and Med Spa for express services made exclusively for busy Moms like you!

Mommies Need a Time Out
Menu of Services

Mini Facial:
Give your skin a treat in under 30 minutes! Cleansing, a customized treatment mask, hydration and protection. A facial cocktail sure to leave you Glowing!

Express Mani and Pedi
Take care of your nails in record time! Have your nails buffed, your hands hydrated and your nails polished to perfection and still have time for a glass of wine!

Express Mani (dry)
Get your nails buffed, hands hydrated, cuticles cleaned up and polish all while you have a beverage at the bar.

Jet Express
Don’t have time to experience our one of a kind service? Give our express version a try. Receive a customized cleansing followed by a Jet Peel Infusion made just for your skins needs!

Smooth and Sleek
Don’t have time to smooth and straighten your own hair? Let us do it for you! Come experience our award winning hair care line and allow our hair care specialists to smooth your hair to perfection!

Tousle and Twirl
Tousled beach waves or curly q’s , let our experienced staff give you a new style in snap.

Make it POP!
Have one of our makeup artists give you the touch up you need to take you from day to night.

All services include a glass of Mommy Juice! 

You deserve to put your feet up and enjoy our new menu of services! Call us at 704-334-8087 to schedule your appointment now!

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5 Beauty Tips to Incorporate This Spring

Posted March 16, 2015 at 11:31 am By Re Salon & Med Spa

Spring Beauty Tips

1. Sunscreen!

Maybe we sound like a broken record, but there is just no tried and truer way to protect your skin than with sunscreen.  Well, except completely covering your skin. But the Charlotte heat is just way too much for that. Pick a great sunscreen like one from our favorite line Image Skincare  (available at Re!) and wear a glamorous wide-brimmed hat for good measure. Your 20 years older self will thank you.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating allows your skin to properly receive and use the products you apply. Exfoliating also gets rid of dead dull skin cells that keep your healthy natural glow from shining through. From face to body, Image Skincare has a great line of exfoliating products to keep you looking your best.

3. Prep skin properly for hair removal.

To get the most bang for your buck when waxing or receiving laser hair removal, it’s vital to properly prep your skin. Your esthetician should tell you when to shave (usually 1-2 days before your appointment). To get the best results, you’ll need a little bit of hair, but not too much or it will be more painful. So please follow their advice to a T. Other things you can do to ensure success is to avoid tanning (sunless or otherwise). Tanning darkens your skin and lightens your hair which makes it more difficult for your esthetician to see where the hair is that you want removed. Please also refrain from wearing any products on the areas where you will be receiving hair removal services, especially moisturizer.

4. Lighten up your makeup

Not only are lighter colors all the rage in spring, spring is also the time to dial back the amount of makeup you wear. If you wear a foundation, now is a great time to switch to a CC cream, a BB cream, or even a tinted moisturizer (depending on the amount of coverage you need). Heavy foundations often do not hold up well in the heat and humidity and can actually melt off your face. These lighter formulas listed above do so much more than cover up flaws and even skin tones. They can include sun protection, primer (for a smoother appearance), age defying ingredients, color correction, etc. Check with a professional to find the best brand and type for you.

5. Baby your hair

The dryness of the winter can leave your hair falling flat and lifeless. Or worse, full of static and frizzy. Now is the time to baby your hair. Switch to a clarifying shampoo at least once a week, like Davines Solu Shampoo, to get rid of grit and grime. Make sure you are using the correct conditioner regularly for your hair type. Davines has a large line of conditioners specifically tailored to a myriad of hair issues. Your Re stylist is happy to suggest which one will breath life back into your hair. You should also consider doing less to your hair as the weather warms up. Less shampooing, less blow drying, less heat styling. Embrace beach waves. Let your hair air dry. Welcome the natural look this spring!

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