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How often should I visit the Salon for services?

Posted April 26, 2013 at 2:52 am By Re Salon & Med Spa

This is a question that comes up often.  “How often should I visit the salon or how much time should I wait between services?”  One would think there is a standard answer to each catagory but there are some important key factors that would assist with the right answer. The following is a breakdown of the services with a rough estimate of time for your next visit.



Salon services

  • Haircuts for ladies can vary from once a month to once every two to three months. Men will need to visit the Salon every three to five weeks depending on the cut, the shorter the hair the closer the visits.
    • If you are growing out your hair from a short style, you might need to visit the Salon every six weeks to help reshape the hair until you get to a length you are more comfortable with and then you can wait up to eight to ten weeks.
    • Also, chemically treated and colored hair also needs more snipping more often. Visit the salon at least every six to eight weeks if you are chemically treating your hair for color or texture.
    • Short or geometrical hairstyles need to be trimmed more often, about every four weeks. Of course this depends on how quickly your hair grows, a good rule of thumb is if you are spending more time fixing your hair then it is probably time for a trim.
    • Long hair needs less regular care , but be on the lookout for split ends, especially if you tie your hair back a lot, as this can easily cause breakage. Visit your salon frequently.
  • All Over Permanent Color- for all over permanent color most visits need to occur every four to six weeks.  If you are covering grays or your natural color is very different from your color then you might need to visit the Salon every three to four weeks.
  • All Over Semi-Permanent Color- semi or demi permanents last anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on the color and how often you wash your hair.  For the most part these temporary colors fade away with time and washes.
  • Partial Highlights- if you are maintaining your highlights you will need to visit the salon every six to seven weeks.
  • Full Highlights- for all over highlights you will need to visit the salon every eight weeks.  You could go longer if you get partial highlights between your full highlight visits.
  • Straightening Services- for the most part, these services really depend on the texture of your hair.  Your stylist will make a recommendation for your next visit.


To schedule services for first timers or for specific needs, please contact our Re Guest Service Specialists at 704-334-8087, as they can assist you with any questions you may have.

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