Explore the possibilities of another prescription treatment for frown lines. Discover Dysport.


For men and women, Dysport is an exciting new alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetics.   Dysport is particularly effective at treating glabellar lines, frown lines between the eyebrows. Like BOTOX®, Dysport treats dynamic wrinkles, those caused by the repeated movement of your facial muscles, and is made with a purified form of botulinum toxin. Dysport is FDA-approved and thoroughly tested for safety.dysport

Results may be seen sooner with Dysport; within one to two days of treatment as opposed to three to five days as with BOTOX®. In addition, Dysport may last longer, with an average of four to six months as opposed to three to four months as with BOTOX®. Dysport can also be a good alternative for patients who have developed a tolerance to BOTOX®.

As usual, I received friendly service, individualized treatment plan and procedure and fair pricing. Thanks for doing a great job! – Lysa Long

Q&A with Re Med Spa:

What is Dysport?
The Botox Alternative! Dysport is not really new; It’s been used in Europe for over 18 years with over 2 million users.
What is the Dysport Difference?
Dysport is very similar to Botox in many ways. They are both from the same drug family, Abobotulinum Toxin A. However, there are some differences. Dysport can be more cost effective as the cost per unit is less; though, Dysport requires more units per treatment. Clinical studies have also shown visible results within 24-48 hours. There is also evidence that Dysport injections may be more effective with large muscle groups.
How often is Dysport needed?
Moderate to severe wrinkles are temporarily reduced in appearance by blocking nerve impulses to muscles where the wrinkles show with Dysport. Dysport is used roughly four times per year. Results can last up to four months. Continued treatments help cintinue the wrinkle-reduced appearance and effects can last longer between intervals. Once treatments are stopped, your former appearance will return.
Is there downtime or side effects?

No downtime! Discomfort is usually mind and people usually go right back to work or normal activity post-visit.

Some injection-associated events can occur in the first week, such as flu and headache symptoms and temporary drooping eyelid, or a bruise at injection site. Less common side effects include redness and swelling at the injection site and muscle weakness.

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