Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is an updated, Western version of an ancient form of bodywork: massage using the feet.

Ashiatsu Q&A:


What is Ashiatsu?
In Japanese, “ashi” means “foot”and “atsu” means “pressure.”

Ashiatsu is an updated, Western version of an ancient form of bodywork: massage using the feet. Its roots can be found in a variety of Eastern healing techniques that stretch back thousands of years. Though gentle, the Ashiatsu massage offers a depth unmatched by any other massage technique.

How does it work?
Ashiatsu massages are done on the massage table. While holding on to sturdy overhead bars for balance, the therapist stands above you on the massage table and uses her feet to deliver the massage. The advantage of Ashiatsu is that it allows gravity to do the work, leveraging the therapist’s body weight to deliver the deepest massage available today.

Your ashiatsu session at Balance will be a blend of footwork and hands on treatment for detail work on the face, neck, hands, and/or feet.

What does it feel like?
Ashaitsu offers deep compression, without discomfort. In many ways, the long, flowing strokes of Ashiatsu are similar to a Swedish massage – only deeper than the hands can deliver. Your session will end with a relaxing, traditional massage of the neck, shoulders and feet.
Is Ashiatsu for everyone?
People of every age and size can benefit from Ashiatsu. Famous for back pain relief and deep relaxation, Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes and those whose jobs involve physical labor.

Ashiatsu is not recommended for use with conditions such as pregnancy or osteoporosis. Your massage therapist will discuss with you any potential health concerns before using Ashiatsu.

Is it safe?
When done by a certified therapist, Ashiatsu is safe, effective and painless – not to mention profoundly relaxing. The amount of pressure used is carefully monitored throughout the session, and easily adjusted for the client’s comfort. Special care is taken around the spine and joints. At no time does the therapist put her entire body weight on the client. Your safety, relaxation, and well-being is of utmost concern.
What are the benefits of Ashiatsu?
Thousands of years of footwork have proven the many benefits of Ashiatsu, including the following:

  • Elongates the spine and improves posture
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Boosts and balances the body’s energy
  • Loosens the back and shoulders
  • Relieves pain and stress, promoting relaxation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Enhances feelings of well-being
As usual, I received friendly service, individualized treatment plan and procedure and fair pricing. Thanks for doing a great job! – Lysa Long

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