Massage + Body Work

Re Salon and Med Spa’s massages are a collection of deeply beneficial treatments with the variety to meet the specific needs of each guest

Each treatment begins with a private therapist consultation to determine your personal and current state of wellbeing. Then each treatment is tailored to each guest to leave the body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

European Massage
30 Minute / $90 • 60 Minute / $120 • 90 Minute / $180

Enjoy the relaxing effects of this European-style massage while improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and heightening your sense of well being.

Stone Massage
30 Minute / $90 • 60 Minute / $120 • 90 Minute / $180

Experience the unique sensations of ultra smooth stone and healing touch while heat deeply penetrates the muscle and eases you into a complete state of relaxation. Discover peace and balance through the sumptuous combination of warm stone and massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
 60 Minute / $120 • 90 Minute / $150

A deep, therapeutic massage that is highly beneficial. This massage utilizes flowing techniques to open locked muscles and release toxins. A tension-relieving experience unlike any other.

Prenatal Massage
 60 Minute / $130 • 90 Minute / $150
What an amazing and relaxing massage – probably the best I’ve experienced! Mare was pleasant to work with and did a fabulous job working out my kinks and using our 60 min session as I needed. Can’t wait to come back! – Natalie Earnhardt

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