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Botox & Dysport

Overall, Botox and Dysport are very similar. Both are a type of botulinum type A used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines and relax other overactive facial muscles, like forehead lines and crows feet. We tell our patients that it’s like comparing apples to apples. There’s a difference between a Fuji apple and a Gala apple, but they are still both apples. Dysport is a smaller-sized molecule so its unit measurement is different than Botox.
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Botox & Dysport

Are you a candidate?

Areas: See Gallery

Results: Initial results visible in 5 – 7 days, full results in 14 days

Procedure Time: 30 – 45 Minutes

Downtime: Avoid working out and laying down (for a minimum of 4 hours). No rubbing or added pressure to the area.

Tired of always looking angry? We can get rid of your dreaded “11s”

Help relax and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead with Botox.

While age and UV exposure are significant contributing factors for crow’s feet, crow’s feet can occur at any age, including your mid-20s.

They say that one of the first signs of aging is on the neck!

Also known as excessive sweating not necessarily related to exercise or heat, hyperhidrosis can be treated with Botox. Botox temporarily blocks the nerves that cause sweating. The effects last six to 12 months, and then the treatment needs to be repeated.

Bunny lines are also known as wrinkles on the sides of the nose that resemble bunny whiskers. If nose wrinkles make you want to stop smiling, Rē cosmedical is here to help smooth and prevent your bunny line wrinkles!

Botox can relax the chin muscles, which allows the overlying skin to smoothen.

Botox can help fix a gummy smile! Ask us about the Botox Lip Flip to enhance your upper lip.


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