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Microneedling is a treatment option for clients who want to address fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and other types of scarring. This procedure utilizes the skin’s ability to heal itself by producing collagen and elastin and is popular for how quickly it can be performed and its limited downtime.
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  • Microneedling

    $300 per treatment / $1500 per package
    Areas: Fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and other types of scarring
    Results: Vary by procedure
    Procedure Time: 1 hour
    Treatment: 4 to 6 recommended
    Downtime: 1 to 3 days, clients may experience redness and swelling


Clients should arrive at a microneedling appointment without makeup. The aesthetician will clean your skin and apply a numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the treatment, then run a small handled pen with small needles over the skin, penetrating to a depth of up to 2 millimeters. This prompts the skin to heal itself, producing collagen, which gives the skin a smooth, hydrated appearance. The entire process should last about an hour. The number of treatment sessions required depends on the severity of the condition being addressed. (4-6 treatments are recommended) During the skincare consultation, the aesthetician will provide a recommended treatment plan that will include the number of microneedling sessions based on the client’s needs, concerns and goals.


The side effects of Microneedling sessions are minimal and typically last between 1 and 3 days. Clients may experience redness and swelling, which may feel similar to a sunburn. The treatment is extremely safe when performed under a trained and licensed medical expert.

Following Microneedling you should be using sunblock and avoid direct sunlight. Rē will provide aftercare and instructions including when it is safe to use makeup, which products and substances to avoid, and which products and substances can help assist with healing. Improvements are typically noticeable within four to six weeks, although the full impact takes several months to develop.


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