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Loren was born in Concord and raised in the Greater Charlotte Area. As a little girl, Loren loved to paint and experiment with color. As she grew up, she decided she wanted her canvas to be hair! Loren decided to follow that dream and fell in love with the art of doing hair and creating a naturally beautiful look for clients at Rē.

Loren genuinely enjoys all aspects of being a stylist but enhancing and transforming her client’s hair with color brings her unmatchable joy. To maintain the integrity of hair, Loren ensures each client is getting their healthiest ‘do by efficiently working with all products and determining the unique treatments that will work best for them. She’s currently swooning over Olaplex treatments as it protects the hair and keeps strands strong with bond building technology.

When she’s not behind the chair or helping her team, Loren still celebrates art by creating abstract paintings and mixed media art. Whether she is smoothing hair with a blowout, highlighting hair meticulously, or styling a bride-to-be’s hair, Loren looks forward to the moment when clients at Rē look in the mirror and love their new look!