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Multicultural Stylist


Savina, also known as V, is uniquely a United States Marine Corps Veteran as well as a veteran in the beauty industry. Savina has a passion for hair that goes way back to her childhood where she would braid and put beads in her dolls’ hair. After becoming Aveda Institute trained in different cutting and color application techniques, she further developed her skills by putting her best efforts and time into being a natural hair expert. Savina is DevaCut trained and certified. She has an understanding that all hair types cannot be cut the same.

Savina’s passion is producing healthy hair and assisting clients with their at-home regimen and hair goals. She is the owner and creator of Porcelain Doll Beauty, LLC, where her brand offers natural-looking lace front and full lace units (wigs) as well as personally customized hand-sewn units for all walks of life. Her custom wigs helps her vast clientele, including cancer survivors, those who suffer from alopecia/traction/postpartum alopecia, those with Trichotillomania (nervous pulling of the hair), working women that want to change it up a bit, those on natural hair journeys, and hopefully you!

She loves doing her part in helping to boost others’ confidence through the magic of hair transformations. Savina is well-versed in a multitude of extension installation techniques on all ethnicities.

Are you ready for your dream head of hair? Book with Savina at Rē and let her spice up your look, whether it’s a new cut and color, or adding some length to your natural locks. Savina is here for all your hair needs!