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Vein Treatments

The advantage of lasers is the ability to target the blood vessel while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged. As a result, the risk of scarring is extremely low. Vascular lesions are comprised of blood vessels that have formed in an abnormal pattern directly underneath the surface of the skin. This usually results in a red or purple lesion since the blood vessels can be visible through the skin. These lesions occur in many sizes, shapes and forms all over the body.
charlotte • since 2010


Remove those embarrassing veins!

Skin Concerns: For treatment of spider veins

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

No. of Treatments: 4 treatments  4 weeks apart

Price: $250/teatment

Affordability: Financing available

Downtime: Up to one week

Pre Treatment: No sun for 2 weeks

Post Treatment: No sun for 2 weeks after

Results: Feel better! No more veins!